Student Success Advisors

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“My awesome college advisor helped me with each step of my transition from high school to college.” – Adrian from Fontana High School

Discover why Adrian LOVED his FREE college consultation!

Inland Empire Junior & Senior high schoolers: get personalized support and college advice from our Student Success Advisors! Advisors will help you…

  1. Apply for and enroll in college
  2. Apply for Financial Aid to finance your college journey
  3. Help you choose a field of study and create a course schedule based on your career aspirations

Many of our advisors are current college students themselves and understand how to navigate the college process. Match with your local advisor by selecting one of the options below: 

I Know Where I’m Headed

I have already applied or been accepted to an Inland Empire college, so I know which specific college I want to connect with.

I’m Not Quite Sure

I haven’t applied or been accepted just yet, but I do have questions about college and would like to get advice.