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Information to support your transition to college 

Both public and private colleges in the Inland Empire are acting to help students get to college despite new challenges presented by COVID-19.

California State University, University of California, California Community Colleges, and Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities continue to update admissions requirements for registration, admitted freshmen, admitted transfer students, and prospective students.

This page contains updated information on institutional admissions requirements. 

California State University, University of California, California Community Colleges, and the Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities

ALL agreed to help students in the following areas:

Financial Aid

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Colleges are re-evaluating financial needs, as well as the eligibility for federal and college financial aid, for families whose circumstances have changed. Contact your college’s financial aid department for information about how you can increase aid or take a leave of absence without losing aid. 


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Universities are accepting Credit/No Credit grades in lieu of letter grades for A-G high school courses completed in winter/spring/summer 2020. 

Universities are also being flexible with the receipt of official transcripts and confirmation of admissions offers, including deferments of deposits or fees, where needed. 

Transfer Requirements

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For community college students seeking to transfer to a four-year university: Acceptance of Credit/No Credit in lieu of letter grades in “Golden Four” and General Education/prerequisite courses completed at a community college in winter/spring/summer 2020.  

Registrar departments are adjusting to working from home and increasing the speed to which transcript requests are submitted. 


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For students enrolled in dual enrollment course offerings, Universities are offering flexibility and support for registration. Contact your college’s registration office to learn how they plan to help you enroll. 

If you would like to connect with a specific college see our Inland Empire Colleges page.

Otherwise, please select a specific institution to learn more.